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Professional Accountant

Duration: 6 Months

Mastery your skill in Accounting. Make your career as professional accountant

Today’s world, Certified Professional Accounting Courses are something extraordinary than ordinary accounting courses. TIFA Education brings out the best accounting courses for those who want to be a Certified Professional Accountant. As the modern era needs modern accounting solutions, we have developed our course curriculum to meet the needs of innovation-driven organizations. Our certified public accountant course covers basic to advance accounting, Income Tax & TDs, Tally ERP 9 with GST, and Auditing. Be a step ahead and make a move into accounting or get the professional accounting certification you need to take the next step in your accountancy career. At TIFA Education, we create accounting & business taxation programmes for every level of accountancy training. TIFA Education is the leading institute of professional courses in finance and accounting in Rajasthan for over a decade. Shape your career with industry-experienced teachers who are specialized in Accounting. Our comprehensive accounting courses make the students learn to evaluate the conceptual basis of accounting. Understand, evaluate, and apply the principles of current accounting practice. Recognize and evaluate the impact of the business environment on accounting theory and its application. Students will gain advanced theoretical and practical knowledge of accounting and finance; master computational and calculation skills and techniques used in professional accounting practice. TIFA Education is the best accounting institute in Rajasthan and Jaipur. Our coaching centre known for quality of learning with practical knowledge that's why TIFA education provide 100 % placement guarantee.

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Course Highlight :-

Advance MS Excel

Advance Number Formatting | Advance Conditional Formatting | Match & Index | Financial Functions | Array Formula | Power Pivot | V Lookup |H Lookup | Dashboard | Macro | Project Work | logical | finance function | Sort & filter | pivot table & pivot chart | protection | projects on excel

Google Drive / Google Sheets / MS Office

Hardware & Software | Working with window | File & Folder management | introduction to MS word | page set up drafting & formatting documents | table | header & footer | introduction to MS excel | database design / cell reference | number & conditional formatting | look up & reference functions MS power point | MS outlook | | Mail merge| Email | Internet

  • Accounts Fundamentals, Accounting Principle, Bank Reconciliation, Depreciation, Ledger Posting, Financial Statement, Notes on Accounts.
  • Meaning and Process of Accounting (Better for non-commerce students)
  • Accounting Concepts, Conventions, Equation & Other Fundamental terms
  • Book Keeping – Journal, Subsidiary Books, Cash Book, Ledger & Trial Balance
  • Financial Statements – Trading Accounts, Profits & Loss Accounts, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Statement.
  • Adjustment Entry for Finalization of Accounting Statements
  • Insurance Entries
  • Concepts of Capital & Revenue Expenses
  • Rectification of Errors
  • Banking Transaction Management Including in Bank Reconciliation Statements (BRS)
  • Provision & Projected Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement
  • Knowledge of AS-6(Depreciation) & its Accounting
  • Accounting for Non Gain Organization (NGO)
  • Various Adjustment Entry & Accounting Tips
  • MIS-DATA + Processing + Information, Information/Data Collection Techniques
  • MIS Reporting Send to Management like as Sundry Debtors, Sundry Creditors, Profit & Loss A/c & Balance Sheet, Expenses, inventory Report, Exception Reports & Stationery Payments etc.
(A) - Latest version of Accounting Software (Tally Prime)
  • Accounting for Services Organization
  • Accounting for Trading Organization
  • Accounting for Manufacturing Organization
  • Finalization of Accounting Adjustment
  • Finalization of trading, P&L and balance sheet

Company Creation | Cost Centre & Cost Category | Accounting | Inventory | Bill of Materials (BOM) | Purchase & Sale Cycle | Basis Concepts of GST | GST Using Tally | Generation of Returns | TDS | PF | ESI | Payroll | Reports | Security | Backup and Restore

  • Tally, Marg, busy, Genius, computax Installation & Registration, Backup & Restore
  • Consolidation of Accounts, Sprit Company data, Export & Import of Data
  • Migration of Tally Data of Version 5.4, 6.3, 7.2, 8.4, 9.6, Tally ERP tally prime
  • Rewrite Tally Data with Lower Version to Higher Version (And Higher to Lower) Tally.Net Remote Capabilities
  • Tally.Net Subscription on Yearly Basis, Tally License Surrender & Reactivation use Gold Edition on Networking
  • Updating Tally Release Series on Monthly Basis
  • Data Transfer Processor & Email
Chapter 1 - Introduction-Goods & Services Tax (GST)
  • Journey of GST in India
  • Introduction – Direct tax and Indirect tax – meaning
  • Structure of GST Administration
  • Functions of the GST Council
  • Benefit of GST
  • Impact of GST in India
  • Structure of GST
  • Rates in GST, How does GST Works
  • What does not fall within the ambit of GST
Chapter 02 - Type of GST, Tax Payer & GST Scheme
  • Structure of GST – CGST, SGST,UTGST & IGST
  • Interstate & Intrastate
  • Types of Tax Payer
  • Cross Utilization of GST
  • GST Schemes (I) Regular (II) Composition
Chapter 03 - Registration - In Goods & Services Tax (GST)
  • Threshold Limit
  • GSTIN - Structure
  • Multiple Registrations in a State
  • New Registration - Normal Tax payer
  • Auto migration of Existing Dealers
Chapter 04 - Scope of Supply, Place and Time of Supply and Invoice
  • Important Concepts
  • Meaning of Supply
  • Supply without Consideration (Schedule I)
  • Deemed Supply of Goods (Schedule II)
  • Deemed Supply of Services (Schedule II)
  • Time of Supply , Time of Supply of Goods, Time of Supply of Services
  • Value of Supply, Valuation,
  • Need for Place of Supply & Concepts
  • Invoice in GST , TAX Invoice , Debit Note , Credit Note
  • HSN Code – SAC code
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM)
Chapter 05 - E-way bill Essential
  • E-Way Bill Essentials
  • E-Way Bill Type
  • E-Way Bill Contents
  • E-Way Bill Modification & Edition
  • E-Way Bill Cancellation process
Chapter 06 - Input Tax Credit (ITC)
  • Introduction
  • Timely Registration for ITC
  • Concepts of ITC
  • ITC in different cases
  • ITC Reconciliation
  • Reversal of credit
  • Tax Deduction at Source
Chapter 07 - Form Filing Of GST Returns (GSTR)
  • Filing of GSTR-01
  • Filing of GSTR-2A
  • Filing of GSTR-2
  • Filing of GSTR-01A
  • Filing of GSTR-03B
  • Filing of CMP-08
  • Filing of ITC-04
  • Filling of IFF
Chapter 08 -Payment In GST
  • Modes & Form of Payment
  • Challan Form
  • Electronic Cash & Credit Ledger
  • Dashboard Viewer
Chapter 01 - Introduction of Income Tax
  • About Taxation, Income tax Act & Law
  • Definition, Types of Persons
  • Tax Calculation & Computation of Income for Current AY
  • Manual Tax Calculation with Slab Rate
  • Estimated Tax
  • Practise on income tax calculator.
Chapter 02 - Introduction of Income Tax
  • What is PAN
  • How to apply PAN Online on www.onlineservices.nsdl.com-New
  • Registration for upload Return Online - www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in
Chapter 03 - Income Heads
  • Income From Salary Theory - Basic Salary, Allowances, Perquisites
  • Income From House Property- How to find Annual Value of House Property, Calculate Income from House Property
  • Income Form Capital Gain And Taxable Agriculture Income
  • Income From Business Income - Proprietorship Income
  • Income from Other Sources
Chapter 04 - Deductions
  • Deduction Chapter VI-A of the Act
Chapter 05 - Computation and Return Filing Forms
  • ITR -1 To ITR -7 Forms Downloads
  • Computation
  • E-filing of ITR-01-07 through Income Tax Portal.
Practical Overview
  • Understanding various returns in Income Tax
  • Who is eligible to file various return forms
  • Who is not eligible to file the return forms
  • Uploading the ITR forms
  • Downloading the relevant forms
  • Manner filing the Return forms
  • Documents required for filing ITRs
  • Various steps involved in preparing ITR forms
  • Signing with Digital Signature / EVC / Sending ITR-V
Chapter-06 Income Tax Penalty & Interest
Chapter-07 TDS(Tax Deduction At Sources)
  • PAN Application
  • TAN Application
  • Deduction under sec.192 to 196
  • Deposit challan 281/280/26 QB
  • TDS Return 24Q / 26Q
  • Form 16/16A
  • 26 AS, TDS Certificate
  • Lower deduction /No deduct – form 13/15G-H
  • Interest & Penalty calculation
  • Journal Entry in Tally
Chapter-08 TCS (Tax Collected At Sources)
  • Tax collected at source (TCS)- Explain
  • Goods covered under TCS provisions and rates applicable to them
  • Classification of Sellers and Buyers for TCS
  • TCS Payments & Returns
  • Certificate of TCS
  • Interest & Penalty calculation
  • Journal Entry in Tally
Chapter-09 Advance Tax
  • What is an Advance Tax?
  • Calculation of advance tax liability
  • Who should pay Advance Tax?
  • Due Dates for Payment of Advance Tax
  • Accounts Reconciliation
  • Advanced Journal Entries
  • Accounting for Digital Transaction (Credit Card, Debit Card, Paytm etc.)
  • Company Final Accounts
  • Ledger Scrutiny
  • Online Finalization of Accounts
  • Analysis of Financial Statements
  • Introduction of Banking
  • Deposits
  • Loans & Advance
  • Payment Mechanism
  • Banking Instruments
  • Introduction to Auditing
  • Conducting an Audit
  • Audit Reports
  • Audit Projects
  • Udyam Registrations
  • Business Registration No. (BRN)
  • Shop Act Registrations
  • PAN & TAN Registrations
  • Company Registrations

Course Completion Skill

Business Computer Applications

  • Work on Ms word to perform tasks such as drafting letters and mail merge , many more tricks which marks work easy.
  • Create edit and manage data in excel spreadsheets , perform excel modelling and data mining and unleash the power of data.
  • Use the office package like a professional.

Business Accounting

  • Understand the importance and basic of accounting
  • Identify accounts documents, classify them into appropriate ledgers and manage books of accounts
  • Calculate stock, account for depreciation and reconcile bank statements while making final account

Tally ERP 9/ Tally Prime

  • Create ledgers and groups with complete understanding of accounts and tax
  • Pass journal entries and create reports and analyse online
  • Infer tax implications for income tax and GST, account for payroll including provident fund (PF) and employee state insurance (ESI)


  • Understand tax concepts, maintain books of accounts and file tax returns using simulated software so as to enable actual filling of returns- whether it is Income Tax, TDS or GST

Advanced Accounts

  • Ensure all transactions have been covered error free
  • Finalise the accounts online after profit screening and year-end adjustments

Business Registrations

  • Perform banking functions such as cheque management, using Online Banking environment and transacting online among others
  • Understand the concepts of Auditing such as vouching and verification-both from an accountant’s perspective and an auditor’s perspective

Banking and Auditing

  • Udyam Registrations | Business Registration No. (BRN) | Shop Act Registrations | PAN&TAN Registrations | Company Registrations

Business Communication

  • Business Mail | Work etiquette | Soft skill | Interview preparation | Resume building | Communication skills | Presentation skill

Business Accounting

Accounting is a high growth industry and is a part of every company, across all industries. A conventional graduation degree does not cover the accounting subjects in-depth, and with increasing competition, candidates are expected to be well versed with the Industry methodology and essential accounting tools. The Professional Accountant course is designed keeping these parameters in mind and the students are trained on industry-specific skills making them job-ready.

Program Highlight

  • Learn from Expert
  • 100% Placement Guarantee
  • 0% interest EMI option
  • Practical Training
  • Learn accounting tool & software
  • One to one mentorship
  • Resume and interview training
  • Certification